Summer outfit ideas for women!

Hi beautiful! It’s so hot outside. I do not step out of my house. I don’t go to places but when I step out, I make sure that I look wonderful. Yes, I love dressing up. Well, I don’t do it to impress people. I need to impress myself too. It is a task, you know! I am a woman and women love clothes, dressing up and all that jazz. It’s not typical, it’s sexy. You love what you do, perfect and today you look gorgeous too? You are all set to run the world, honey! In this post, I’ll be talking about the summer outfits ideas for women.

Summer outfit ideas for women:

1: Romanticism: Off the shoulder trend brings the romanticism this year. It is the hottest trend of this season. This trend is super versatile. You can wear an off the shoulder top or an off shoulder dress. My personal favorite is a classy off-shoulder white dress. You can wear it with sneakers. It makes it a perfect summer flirty outfit.

Spring’s biggest fashion trend- Off-the-shoulder

Scared of that “in-your-face-sexy” look but still want to look sexy? ūüôĀ

Off-the-shoulder trend is your go-to-go trend. This trend is spring’s biggest fashion trend and is super versatile.

Let’s have a look at what I wore!

offI tried a casual look. This off shoulder top looks effortlessly cute with this distressed jeans.

There are other brilliant off shoulder summer outfit ideas for women. Let’s talk about them:

  • Printed tops with white pair of shorts give you that perfect summer look.
  • Plain-white blouse looks absolutely adorable with a floral skirt.
  • If you want to go for a bit formal look, you can wear a baggy off-shoulder top with skinny jeans. Wear pumps with it for a chic look.
  • Opt for an off-shoulder lace dress for a graceful look.
  • Going for a party? Wear a plain and stylish off-the-shoulder top with sequin skirt for a classy look.
  • If you have an off-the-shoulder floral top, pair it with boyfriend jeans. Strapped shoes will look super adorable with the entire outfit.
  • If you want a gypsy look, you can wear an off-the-shoulder crop top with printed shorts. Wear a beautiful choker necklace to compliment the whole look.
  • You can also wear these tops with A-line skirts.
  • For a more chic look, wear your off-the-shoulder top with a maxi skirt.
  • If you love simplicity, you can pair an off-the-shoulder top with white jeans and heels.
  • A plain white top with a denim skirt looks super cute. Try this with slip-on-sneakers.




off shoulder black dress


2: Crop Tops

Crop tops are here to stay for a very long time. I am on the modest side when it comes to crop tops. You need to keep this thing in mind that this is a top and not a bra. Make sure it looks sexy and not overdone.

I’m wearing a very basic tee with cool words written on it.

Let’s have a look at how to style them:

  • Pair it with a high-waist jeans for a modest approach.
  • If you are not comfortable to show your torso, you can go for a loose-fitted crop top.
  • Try a long-sleeve crop top with long maxi skirts or pendora skirts.
  • Go sporty to rock an athletic trend. Wear a sporty crop top with high-waist distressed jeans.
  • For a cute and casual look, wear shorts and a crop top with stripes on it.
  • Wear a crop top with black high waist pencil skirt. This is a perfect outfit for an evening look.
  • Keep it simple and stylish. Wear your favorite crop top with high-waist black jeans


white crop top



black crop


3:¬†Pastel Fashion: pinkkWhenever it comes to pastel fashion, all I think about is elegance and grace. Pantone pastels are this year’s favorite colors. These are not loud colors but that doesn’t mean you can not experiment with them. Pastel colors are sweet colors and they give your outfit the minimilistic look so try to focus on the design of the outfit that you are wearing.

I’m wearing this nice watermelon color top. This top has clean lines with a nice design and texture that makes it look not so simple. I am wearing this with my white pants giving it an overall feminine and soft touch. This is a perfect summer look! You can also wear a bright accessory to brighten up the whole look.

Accessories to wear with pastel clothes:

If you want to go for pastel accessories you can go for a nice pastel color clutch.

You can also go for a pastel color statement necklace. Wear it with a simple black dress.

I am a big fan of metallic jewelry. It adds beauty to your outifit.

You can also wear retro style glasses with pastel colors.

It does take some time to get confident in pastel clothes so try to make small changes. Add pastels in your accessories and shoes.


4: Polka dotspolka

ffffffffpolka dots

polkasWhenever I talk about polka dots, you know I never forget to mention that I wasn’t a big fan of them but my mind has changed for good. I figured out some really cool ways to wear them. You need to style them in such a way that you look more feminine and classy and definitely not like a clown. The whole trick is to balance out the look!

I’ll share some awesome ways to style them and not look silly:

  • You can go for wide legged polka dot pants and pair it with a classic plain tee-shirt.
  • Wear a tank top over a polka dot skirt.
  • For a more feminine look, you can wear a polka dot top with pastel color pants.
  • For a hippy look, pair your polka dot dress with a denim shirt. Leave it open.
  • You can add polka dots in your accessories as well. Go for a pretty polka dot scarf or a clutch.
  • Want to feel french? Pair a classic polka dot shirt with dark wash jeans. Wear a rep lipstick with it.
  • For a trendy look tuck the polka dot shirt to accentuate the waist line.
  • You can also wear a cute polka dress with a thin waist belt.
  • Go for a more flowy and feminine blouse with a good quality fabric.


polka dots yellow




5: Street Style denim

street style

By now you all must have heard about the 70’s trends coming back this year. Bell bottoms, denim on denim, flares,bold colors. We are going to see it all this year.¬†Street style is not going anywhere . This year is all about experimenting the different looks. This style is the most comfortable one. You can certainly rock the street style with the androgyny style. White shirts, boyfriend jeans. boyfriend shirts are gonna sizzle this season. You must have seen models wearing sneakers with the casual dresses.

6: The cigarette pantPANTSS is here to stay. This is a must have staple in your wardrobe this year. You can create effortless looks. You can wear these pants for both day and night look. For a day outfit, you can wear a summery blazer, formal shirt or any loose tee shirt. For a night look, you can wear a beautiful crop top with these pants for an ultra feminine look.

6:Grunge look  Flannel shirtsI am talking about flannels, plaid shirts and tartan shirts: When it comes to flannel trend, I like to keep it classic. Flannels give a laid-back glam look.

I wore my oversize flannel shirt with black cigarette pants. It was really sunny outside so I wore my  comfortable sneakers and that gives a high school girl look. In winters, you can go for cow boots which will give  you a complete hippie look.

Ways to wear flannel shirts:

  • Wear it with basic white, black or gray tee.
  • You can wear boyfriends jeans and flaunt your modern aviators.
  • You can wear your tartan shirts with the black jeggings or cigarette pants.
  • Tie your plaid shirt around your waist and in winters wear a classy black leather jacket.
  • You can wear your wide ankle length jeans.
  • For a more preppy look, button your shirt almost all the way up to the collar.

Flannels are super versatile and you can rock these in every season. This is a must have in your wardrobe.

Hairstyle with flannel shirts: This look is casual and masculine. Keep your overall look neutral by adding a feminine touch to your outfit. You can go for loose curls. If you wanna keep it chic and minimal, straighten your hair and make  a center partition.

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7:Slip dresses are really versatile and they look cool and not overdone. These have spaghetti straps. Slip into these comfortable slip dresses. The best part about slip dress is that it gives you a sophisticated look in case you are looking for comfort as well glamor.

8:Pajama Shirts:This is the best alternative for slip dresses in case you do not like to flaunt your shoulders. It gives an edge to button down shirts. Fashion can take us anywhere but it’s all about being creative with different looks.

9: Romantic Ruffle Dress: CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS GORGEOUS DRESSruffleIf you like subtle and romantic vibes in your dresses, this one is for you. Opt for a loose style. It is a perfect summer dress.

10: Printed mini dresses: CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS FLORAL DRESS

Who won’t  love these cute mini dresses. Play with prints and these look super cute and gives you an effortless look.


mini floral dress

Try a half-up top knot( hairstyle) with this dress :Take a dry shampoo and sprinkle it on your hair to make sure that your hair is not oily. Section your hair and make a crown and create a ponytail. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around ponytail for  a neat look and secure it with a bobby pin. To create a bun, take another band and make a loop. Start pulling your hair to give a messy look. Finish it off with a hairspray. Voila!

11:Androgyny trend: Androgyny is a major trend of 2016. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine traits. There was a thin line drawn between men and women’s fashion. This line has blurred with time. You can wear cut off blazers. They are long and straight and look super sexy.


These are 11 quick summer outfit ideas for women.

These are super casual, comfy and versatile. I hope it helps you. Next time we will go for more sophisticated outfits.

Till then stay tuned and keep doing your thing!


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