The Forever Black

Of all Indian attires, saree is my most favorite. It gives me immense comfort and pleasure. Simple and elegant are the perfect terms when it comes to describe a saree. Whether you have an hourglass figure or highly curvaceous body, you will always look stunning and graceful in a saree

Color Black <3


When in doubt, wear black.

I kinda wanted to look like a vampire. Just kidding! Black is lazy too but it looks quite elegant and never goes out of style. I am quite a lazy person. Black is always a good idea. Want to look slim, then lady black is the color for you.


Basic things you need to remember:

  • Do not wear extremely tight or loosely fitted blouse. Wear the one that goes well with your body.
  • Flared petticoat is a BIG NO and tie the petticoat very neatly otherwise it can mess up with the pleats tucked inside.
  • Make sure you have managed to hide all the safety pins behind the fabric and they do not show up from anywhere.
  • Tie your saree in a way that it hides your ankles. It would look more elegant.



The beauty of this attire increases manifold when you wear the best matching jewelry.

  • Instead of wearing several pieces of jewelry, just wear one statement piece.
  • When it comes to earrings, make sure that the look of your earrings does justice to your outfit.
  • Go for unique ear cuffs to get a different look.
  • If you have a round face like me, do not buy heavy jewelry.
  • Go for delicate jewelry like subtle earrings, thin braclet, this will accentuate your looks and also make you look your age i.e young.

You need not have an overdose of bling when you wear a saree. This will surely get you good attention but certainly not in a right way 😀



Regardless of how amazing your attire is, you will look incomplete without a proper hairstyle.

  • Right hairstyle needs to match the shape of your face.
  • Try to get the one that enhances your features
  • Try to take suggestions from friends and relatives as they might give you an idea on whether the particular hairstyle would suit you or not.

I can name here few hairstyles that will make you look stunning even in a simple saree. You can definitely try medium base or low base bun, ponytail messy braid, side swept hairstyle, loose side chignon, straight hair with a puff, side braid, side swept curls and many more.



  • Avoid very loud makeup.
  • Nude makeup looks natural and beautiful. It enhances the beauty of your face.
  • Play with your eyes. You can go for smokey eyes. It looks sexy and appealing.
  • Add a bindi (small sticker dot) on the forehead.  This is my personal favorite step.
  • Play with your best feature.



  • Don’t forget to wear heels because if you are wearing shoes already, you will know what height to set your pleats at.
  • Choose footwear according to the theme of your outfit. If your outfit is white in color, don’t wear white shoes, if it has gold embroidery on it, go for gold heels.
  • If you don’t want to wear heels, opt for sandals that have a slight height. This way you can avoid sore feet.
  • Nude heels look classy and can basically go with any Indian outfit.

With these tips in mind, you can easily master the art of carrying a saree gracefully.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Good luck beautiful ! <3





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