The white shirt plunge!

Hey guys…you must be thinking where did I vanish last week. Well , I was going through a lot of chaos in my life so I moved to Delhi for few days. I love this city because it always brings me back. Though I had mixed memories and emotions this time yet I am satisfied. Told you! This city has a lot to teach you and that I’ll probably discuss it in my next diary entry. Stay tuned. 🙂

Okay so have you read the title of this post? Cool so what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a white shirt? Boring right? Or maybe it reminds you of that office job where you are asked to dress up in a certain way.

Sometimes it can look a bit washed out but if you know the right way to flaunt it, you will certainly nail it! Be it a day or night, a classic white shirt can give you laid back chic or full-blown glam, which I think makes an essential wardrobe item. The love for simplicity makes me adore this classic white shirt even more.

White shirt looks good with almost everything but I have come up with my favorite ways to style this classic shirt. The key is all in the styling.

  • Blue jeans white shirt:blue

“Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burnnn.” Did I? 😉 I am not sorry for that 😀  This kind of style looks minimal, classy, easy, casual and chic. Pheww so basically what I meant is it is rocking and you can never go wrong with this style.


  • Work-to-drink:
    Wear a white shirt with a structured mini skirt for a flirty casual look. Avoid too many accessories. It looks too girly. Wear a classic watch. Wear a bright lipstick or any statement jewelry for a perfect night time look. Wear your hair loose.


  • City day look:
    Play with the prints for a perfect summer feel. You can wear printed skirts and printed trousers. Braided hairstyle will look super cute with it. Wear a nude lipstick and a subtle jewelry.


  • Work-to-wear:
    For a clean crisp look, tuck your shirt into a hight-waist pencil skirt. You can also semi-tuck. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt.  Pair it with pointed heels.


  • Go high waist:

    Tuck a button down shirt into your high waisted jeans or high waist shorts for a sophisticated look. Fold your shirty cuffs for a perfect casual night look. Finish off the look with a pair of colorful heels to brighten up the whole look.


  • Floral Skirt:
    The best part about a white shirt is that it combines with every other color you have. It sets as a perfect background for all your colorful accessories. Wear it with floral skirts.  Get boho tied for a boho vibe.


  • Back a cute sweater and a blazer in winters. You can rock this shirt in every season.


That’s all for today people. I’ll be coming back soon :*

Share your thoughts and lets us know your perfect way to wear this classic white shirt.

Stay classy!



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