Tips to save money! Brilliant tips and tricks.

Penny saved is penny earned! Hello people! Today’s post is going to be a lot of fun and I’ll be talking about some crazy and effective tips to save money. Believe me you when I say that these tricks are quite smart and you will be amazed. There is a battle going on actually. Some of us prefer to shop online while others prefer to go in local markets and malls.The world is growing rapidly, if we will not learn things, we will be stuck. It ain’t that difficult and if you are ready to learn new tricks, it will actually help you out to save a lot of money.

Before talking about tips to save money, let me explain why I prefer shopping

There are many reasons why I love shopping online. Let’s go through them one by one and I am sure by the end of this post, you will change your mind for good. 🙂


  • Advancement of e-commerce: Online world has brought a revolution in shopping.The numerous advantages of online shopping are the main reason for its increasing popularity. At an online store, you will be able to browse through an endless range of garments, discover the latest trends, compare the prices and buy the products at reasonable prices and make the most out of the offers and discounts offered by the retailers.
  • Reliability: It matters the most. The user friendly nature of these websites helps the online visitors to choose for their desired products within an instant as they visit the website.
  • Saves time: We all have a busy routine.Thankfully, we have a better alternative to choose. Online shopping gives me a large variety of options to pick a product and at a click of a button.
  • Secured transaction: How important is that? There are no frauds because they are here to stay for a very long time so the customer’s faith matters the most, for them.
  • Fast Delivery: They will deliver the products in 4-6 days and sometimes they do it within 2 days as well. You don’t have to wait for a month to buy your favorite product.
  • Easily return & replacements: When you buy online, the most common problem we find is that of the return policy. What if we don’t like the product and sometimes there is an issue with the size as well. These online stores accept the returns within 15 days without any problem and some stores even allow you to try and buy like myntra. I have returned products and I have received the return in my account without any problem.
  • COD- You also avail the benefit of cash on delivery option. You can pay the amount when you receive the product.
  • Attractive prices: Online shopping is a convenient way to find what you need at a reasonable price.
  • Attractive discounts: These online shopping carts offer heavy discounts which otherwise are not offered by the retail outlets.
  • 24/7 Availability: Online shopping stores are open  24/7, 7 days a week and 365 days. It is very rare to find any conventional retail store that is open 24/7. The availability of online stores give you the freedom to shop at your own convenience.
  • No pushy sales people: Sometimes they are quite annoying and it distracts you from making a wise decision.
  • No trained people in the local stores: Earlier you could talk to vendors to get real and correct information on the products. But that has changed because the stores have changed. A few decades ago, stores were owned by the vendor who knew about the products and was interested in helping you with the buying decision. Today, you come across sales persons who do not know about the products because they have just started working on that job for a minimum wage.
  • Fair deals: You can carefully examine the products in the store but that may not always convert into sales. You can look at the product in a store and then go buy it at a cheap price from the online store.
  • Compare the reviews: This is the best part of the online shopping, you can compare and read the reviews of the other customers. This will help you a lot to make a wise decision.
  • No battling for the parking area: You don’t have to face the crowd and the traffic noise. Now think about looking for a parking space, walking to the mall, walking some more from store to store. Trying on. Maybe going home empty handed. That sucks ain’t it?
  • Enjoy the process of shopping: You can do online shopping by listening to your favorite music, comparing the best deals, without anyone trying to convince you what is the perfect fit. Shopping online is just easier and it saves you from a lot of stress.
  • No sore legs and aching feet: Who likes that? It really takes a lot of energy and time.

This is why I love and prefer shopping online.

Now let’s talk about tips to save money while shopping online.

  • Leave the product in your cart for two or three days: This really works. Stay logged in, when you leave your cart. They will decrease the price.
  • Reverse Image Search: Sometimes you like a product a lot but that is displayed on a site that you don’t trust at all. Just go to Reverse Image Search to search websites by image. This trick is awesome.
  • Avoid impulsive buying: Never buy an item from a flash sale unless you have already planned to buy it or you think it’s necessary.You don’t save money or get something on discount, you just end up buying something you don’t need which you may cancel later but still why to go all trouble.
  • Trustworthy site: Buy from a site that ensures you will purchase it at a low price. Buy from a site that ensures you will get what you pay for. The internet is filled with fakes and replicas.
    Buy from a site that will keep your credit card details safe.
  • Refer & Earn: You can earn 200 bucks when you refer your friend to make his/her first purchase of 300 or more. Share the money later. Win-Win right? You can use your family and friends address, phone number to sign up multiple times. Even if you spend 300, you get back the money spend in the form of gift card after few days of the delivery.
  • Whats app alert! I got to know this trick from a friend. You can get alerts for good shopping deals on whatsapp. You just have to save this number (+91 9785253064) in your contact as “Exclusive deals” and send ” SUB” on that number through your whats app. Enjoy the deals. You will get instant notifications about the offers and they provide latest and trending deals from online shopping sites like amazon, flipkart and snapdeal
  • Earn 10% commission:Create an affiliate account with amazon’s website or blog and get it approved from amazon.Generate the link from your affiliate account and buy from it. So every product you buy from affiliate product, get up to 10% commission.
  • : Cashkaro is when you shop via the site, they will give you cashback in the form original money, which will be credited to your bank account. They deal with all the big eCommerce sites like Flipkart,Amazon,Snapdeal,Jabong,and other 50 sites. They do have referral scheme as well, where you get 10% cashback when you friend shops when you refer them.
  • Price Comparison Sites: Comparison sites are getting very popular these days, they will list out the price from all the online sites and let you know which online site gives you less price, this is really helpful if you want to save some cash.
    Few best Online Comparison sites are:,,,
  • Look for Coupons while Shopping Online.Checking for coupons while shopping online saves some money as well, there are some best coupon providers. Check out coupon sites in india —,,,,,,,
  • Look for Special Days of Online Sites: These days all the big sites are coming up with special day offers like Flipkart Billion Day, Snapdeal Saver Day, Amazon day offers, so before buying any product look if any special day offers are coming and buy, because on special days they offer you 50% discount.
  • Look for Freebie Sites: Sometimes major companies provide freebies before they launch a product into market. Some of Online freebie sites in India are,
  • Buy hatke extension: Go to their page and just click on GET THIS TOOL NOW. It will be automatically added to your browser.Once you have installed the extension , just go to any products page you want to buy. Let me show you an example. You can compare the prices, it shows if it is available for a lesser price on the product page itself! Any active coupons and deals are shown on the right hand side. It also shows you the price trend of the product since last 5-6 months. Ain’t that so cool? The websites can’t fool you anymore with their so called big billion days. Check the price chart. This is simply the best feature. Now after checking the price chart, if you think that its price may drop, just click on Watch Price button and it will give you an alert whenever the price drops for the product.
  • PayUMoney: It is an online wallet like paytm. When you buy a product, in the payment option just select PayUMoney. It will direct you to its website and then you can pay through your usual method of credit/debit card, etc. Get instant discount everytime! Suppose you want to buy earphones worth Rs 1000 from amazon. First go to cash karo website and then go to amazon’s website through it. Add the earphones to the cart and in the payment option, select PayUMoney. So you will get 5% Discount through PayUmoney i.e Rs. 50. After buying the product you will get a 8% cashback through cashkaro i.e Rs.80. So, overall you saved Rs.130.
  • Browser extension of CouponDunia: A simple way to save money while shopping online. It lists the coupons of the website you are in without having to look out for those coupons anywhere. It also has a price comparison tab which shows you the price of the (electronics) product across different merchant websites. The cashback converts into real money.
  • Promo code: If the online shop allows you to combine different coupons and promo codes at the checkout, use them in the right way. Say them,you have a promo codes for a 15% discount and a coupon for 5%.You should apply the 15% promo code first. That will abate 15% from the full price; afterwards you can do more savings with your 5% discount coupon.
  • Contest: Amazon holds these contests every now and then wherein you just have to download their app and you stand eligible for one of their very generous give-away! This banner is usually located at the top right most corner of the page.
  • Subscribe and save: You can go to this page on the amazon, check out the products offered under this scheme.
  • Use the discounted Gift Cards for making payments. Let’s suppose you want to buy clothes worth Rs. 10,000 from amazon. You go to a cashback site and select the items you want to buy, click on the deal and land on the amazon website for payment. By this time you have already earned approx 10% cashback. Saving so far Rs. 1000.For payments, on amazon you choose Gift Card as a payment option which was bought at approx 5% off, which means a Rs. 10,000 Gift Card was bought for Rs. 9, 500. Saving so far Rs. 500.Using combination of cashback and discounted Gift Cards you can save over Rs. 1,500 on top of the discounts running on the website.
  • Open shopping sites in incognito mode or in a private window: Once I was buying a product from a shopping site, but the price was high. So I decided to wait for some days. I was expecting the lowering of price but day by day price was getting higher & higher.Then I thought, this product is in high demand that is why price is not decreasing, so I was compelled to buy at that price. I discussed this with a friend and she told me to always open the window in incognito mode.Then I opened it and damn the price was reduced. Every shopping website has recommended system, which captures your online activities like products you are looking for, products you like etc. It sends cookies to your browser.And you’ll see the products & their prices that are shown by Recommended system of the site. So be careful while shopping online. Always open shopping sites in incognito mode or in a private window. It works like this:

For Chrome users

Cntrl + shift + N: to open in incognito mode


  • Check the return policy: Whenever we see the offer, we just place the order,always look for the guarantee of the product and return & replace policy.Return policy means your product will be returned and you’ll get the refund.
  • Use cards to buy small items:Using cards, many cards would give you huge cash backs on all your online shopping. SBI card gives you 2.5% cash back on amazon, ola etc.
  • Create multiple email addresses: Well most shopping sites provide nice discount coupons for a new user so you can use same email to create new account without going through trouble of creating a new email address.
  • Control your urge: Instead of checking out immediately, add & leave the items in the cart for at least half an hour. Return to the site later on, and if you still feel like buying that item, you can complete your purchase. This is probably the best way to save some bucks and I use this trick all the time.

These were the amazing tips to save money.

You will definitely see the difference and the money benefits you get from these. When you start earning, you realize the value of each penny. I am not saying that you should not buy your favorite things. You just need to be little smart in this growing world. Make a habit to save money every month and spend it on good quality products that are of a high value.

Please leave a comment if you know an awesome tip and share with us. I look forward to your comments every day.

Happy shopping!





  1. arun says:

    Will go with the leaving option ! Crazy 🙂
    Girl ! Yo go girl … well done
    and you r prettý … too pretty

    1. Kairii says:

      Really truowtsrthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..

  2. Nancy Nix-Rice says:

    While nobody wants to pay an inflated price for things, the growing focus on the cheapest possible price has many negative consequences. For example, this post complains about the lack of knowlegable sale people in stores, but that is because the downward price push forces stores to lower staffing and wages – oops! And when we go look at the merchandise in-store but leave to order it online, eventually that store goes out of business.
    When we demand special coupons or discounts before making a purchase, eventually stores and web sites have to inflate their mark-up so they can absorb the coupon percentage without losing money.
    Focusing too much on price also encourages buying cheap things instead of quality and making impulse buys instead of optimal choiices. Getting the RIGHT item is more important than getting the CHEAPEST item every time.

    1. I second that.There are websites that gave me a tough time in the past when it came to quality but with time, my choices have become better. There are pros and cons of everything but when you figure out the trustworthy website, things become easier. For example now a days many sites like flipkart and myntra are offering us big billion sales. I don’t do impulsive shopping but I know the best things to buy at this time like for example household things. It takes some real time to make good decisions.I love the concept of online shopping. It’s been a long while now and I have had a good experience. When it comes to clothing, one must take enough time to make a decision. You will never face any problem with brands. I bought a phone from a store and after 3 months it stopped working and I did everything I could. I went for a cheaper option at online and boom it’s been an year now, no problem so far. 🙂 Before writing this post, I have had a clear picture of what I am giving my audience. There are more pros than cons.It’s all good and easy.

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