Top 7 Relationship goals that will make your life easier

What is normal is mutually defined by two people in a relationship, no one else.

Hi guys! Today, I am going to talk about the 7 relationship goals that makes life easier. I took some real time to write about this topic. I want to make it look real and by observing relationships of my friends and people around me, I’ve come to this conclusion that we all are kids at heart. Life is beautiful and so is love.

I have seen people complaining about their life that how their life was so beautiful before love happened to them. Really? Don’t tell me! Remember those days when you use to feel lonely even if you were happy and you felt something missing. Of course, you were enjoying your bro days and you use to be more carefree but now that love has happened to you, don’t make excuses to hate it. You will miss it once its gone. Think it this way that you have got  a new bro in life and chill with them. What’s wrong then and where do we lack even if we put all our efforts, things go wrong.

Let’s talk about these top 7 relationship goals that will make your life easier.

1: Communicate with your partner, not with the world.

We’ve this problem of over stressing about our relationships. What’s the first thought that comes to our mind. Let’s seek help from our friends. When people advise us to communicate. We get defensive about it and keep telling the other person that we do communicate. This communication should be with your partner and not your friends. Make a habit to talk to your partner because there is no relationship without communication. Be a little daring this time!

2:  You can not be his/her center of attraction all the time

That person loves you but he/she can not prove it all the time. You might be obsessed with your favorite movie but can you watch it all the time? Does it mean you don’t love that movie. It’s not possible to watch it all the time even though that’s your favorite movie. You can’t be important all the time. That person loves you but there might be other important things as well in his/her life that demands time and attention. If you feel insecure and neglected, just talk about it. If they really love, they will feel you and will explain the reason behind that. Give them some space and sometimes it’s really good for both you. You realize each other’s importance even more. You need to develop a mutual understanding with your partner because that’s the beauty of love. You have to be giving at times and it will pay you in the future. The efforts and sacrifice are noticed and appreciated when it comes straight from the heart.

3: Appreciating and respecting each other’s goals

Your partner career’s choice might be different from your’s but don’t make this a barrier in your relationship. Maybe you are passionate about cooking and fashion, he could be passionate about business and photography. Be it anything. You are together for a reason, to serve a bigger purpose of life. To appreciate each other and learn new things. You both are the bosses of your niche and you both have something great to offer to each other.

4: Conquer the love.

We can never avoid fights. It’s a natural thing. Sometimes it gets annoying and hurtful. The fight should last for maximum a day not more than that. Never take it to a personal level. You both were different people before you met, different interests, different choices, opinion etc. You are just sharing the love and not everything. Keep your individuality. Don’t block each other’s path. Raise your arms to hug your partner and encourage them to work hard. Have you ever observed how two kids fight with other. That’s cute. They will keep on fighting and will get tired soon and eventually sleep. Next day you see them all cheerful, playing again and how easily they forget everything.

5: But darling..insecurities never die.

People in a long distance relationship often complain about the insecurities they have for the other person.  They further claim that it’s natural. Yes, it’s natural but up to some extent . There must be something wrong that has happened to you in the past and you end up fighting. This is a red flag. This is unhealthy. Human beings make mistakes and you should forgive your partner. Doing this will make them realize how big is your heart and what it takes to forgive somebody. They will love you back even more. Think about the reason you fell in love with your partner at a first place. Was it their inside beauty? That person might be still beautiful and perhaps they have lost their way. Your responsibility for your partner is to make them understand and bring them back on the right track. Don’t overthink and stop analysing things. Life is not that complicated. We all are kids at heart.

6: Fights are unhealthy? Wrong.

This world will tell you that fights are unhealthy and it will kill your relationship. Do not buy this crap from anyone. Why do you fight at the first place? There must be something that’s upsetting you and you sometimes loose it, that’s a human nature. Do you fight with your parents? Does that mean you don’t love them? Will you judge your relationship with your parents? No, right. When ever you indulge in the fights, make sure that it doesn’t turn ugly. Do not make personal remarks or hurtful statements. Be in your limits and do not provoke the other person. In the process, you may loose your faith and it can ruin everything. Talk about the matter. If you are wrong somewhere, feel sorry about it. You always get clarity about the things after the fight.

7: Do not cheat your partner just because you are insecure.

I remember the first time I cheated in my relationship. I feel the guilt till now because that’s not the person I am. I am a confident woman and when you cheat, it just shows your own insecurities. It will leave you with the guilt forever. It’s never cool to cheat the other person. It is sick and not justified. I have maintained dignity in my relationship since then because it takes a big heart to forgive. I use to believe that this is a cruel world and loyalty is nowhere but that’s like being a coward. You can never justify the wrong deeds. Cheating is worse and the most painful. Be a keeper, this world needs many.

I can give you few tips that will give you new relationship goals. Have a look.

  1. Give them space. Seriously they won’t tell you but if you don’t trust them then leave them but if you do, please give that space. You have to do it otherwise it will become suffocating and the true beauty of the relationship dies. Don’t be scared of them cheating on you. If they have to cheat, they can do it living in a shell as well. Set them free.
  2. Never ever compromise on big things like freedom to choose your carrer. If that person doesn’t like it he/she should tell you at the first place. You don’t even have to ask for it. This is your right. The right kind of person will always be happy to see you growing and working hard.
  3. If your person supports you in the first two cases, my dear you have found a diamond. Congratulations! Do whatever you can do for that person. Tell them often how beautiful your life has become by having them in your life.
  4. For those of you who haven’t found their soulmate. You should not worry. God is kind and we all have our own timing. No matter how hard you try, you can never get it before your time.

These were the top 7 relationship goals that make life easier.

We all are in the same boat. Make the best of your life. Do not overthink and let it go easy. You always learn something new in a relationship about your partner. Every relationship is different and it demands work and attention but do not get needy. Keep growing in love and think about the bigger picture in life. You both are now together, loyalty is rare to find guys. Keep it, embrace it. Handle every situation gracefully. It will certainly pay you in the long run. I am not a relationship coach but I have experienced all sorts of emotions, those difficult days and now I am at peace with myself. Long way to go.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. I hope I was able to give some help and if you are feeling bad about something and you want to share it in private, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you.

Take a chill.


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