Valentine’s day!

For others, this day is just another valentine. Singles sharing funny quotes and people come up with all sorts of opinions. We all have something to say, ain’t it? This day comes every year just like any other occasion. Yes, this day is all about love and positivity. If you are single, you should enjoy your “me time.” If you have that someone special in your life, go tell them something beautiful about them. See no one has the time to do all this and if you love somebody, you do it every day and this day is just another valentine’s day. If you are trying to tell me this, I am sorry, I am not buying this.

I have a different take on this. We celebrate all the occasions like father’s day, mother’s day etc. I do wish my parents and it brings a smile on their face. There are days to say thank you and celebrate it with the loved ones. Instead of being so cool, can we just say a thank you to our loved ones? It ain’t a big deal people. You don’t have to do fancy things, you can be at home and do it in the most simple and beautiful way.

Our generation is struggling with a lot of issues. Women lash at men and vice versa. Everything in the name of “freedom.” We are having unlimited problems that never ends. Love is a blessing indeed but with that comes a responsibility to nurture it and let it keep growing. It’s a task every day. We don’t love our partner the way we do to our mothers. It’s selfless. It’s different. The love grows by each passing day and so are the monsters. You let them hurt your feelings. When you give the power to the person with the trust that they will never use it ever. I have a big problem with the mentality of the people. I was in their shoes six years back. You had an ugly fight with your girl and you come to me and tell me that she was a pain in the ass and how sorted you found me as a person. Crap! You have no idea how terrific girlfriend I am. I may have all the qualities that your girl doesn’t have but she definitely has all that what I can never have in my entire life. I don’t have patience and I end up doing things, I regret it later. I can never be insecure of other women as God has blessed me with the best he can ever give. I can still behave like a retard and I can still have my share of “low” days because I am a human and it’s natural to feel these emotions sometimes.

We as women are different. We might have become independent and confident but that’s just to see our future children feeling proud of us and consider us as their role models and not just another person in the magazine. It’s all about perception. For a peaceful easy going life, one must respect and try to understand that we all have a right to live a kind of life our way and of course in the most dignified way. Why it has to be complicated every time. I want every man on this planet to support your woman, please. I can’t describe you what all she goes through when you are not there. Weird jerks staring at us in the public place, throwing unusual comments, harassing on social media and what not. Is being beautiful a curse? It appalls me.We don’t have a right to wear what we want, laugh like a retard and not caring what the society thinks. We still manage to go home with a smile and sit with our parents and cook for them and make them laugh even after going through everything. Why because we know that we have that person in our lives who will trust us no matter what. “The woman is the reflection of her man.” Let us shine through all. We are already blessed with the utmost strength by God. You just have to stand like a pillar. You have a “role” in our lives and I just want to thank all the good men out there who treat their lady like a queen. It brings so much happiness to see the love still alive in this cruel world.

We know you expect us to build a beautiful world and you think we can take care of the home but if you will not be the strength of your woman, from where will she gather all the strength. Women are not pain, it’s how you treat them. She can become everything you will ever wish for. You just have to give her the faith, your love and care and of course you should handle her insecurities gracefully. Your touch can heal all her wounds. It’s not difficult. The basic things.

Feel lucky that you have got someone to love and that you have experienced love in your life. People have lost their loved ones. Do you want to lose that person and keep on wasting the days just because you could not say sorry to each other? Then let the person go because love was never easy and if you chose it, keep the promises.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my pillar of strength, my forever valentine!

My father: I have seen you holding mom’s hand when she was in pain and it brought tears to my eyes that how can someone be so pure. Everybody is fond of you and I don’t wonder why. I was a brat and you managed to love me the way I am and we still have our kind of funny fights. You stand by me through thick and thin. You never forced your daughter for anything but to be a kind soul. I am taking all the love and courage you gave me to build my future with someone. Don’t know what my future holds for me and I will be anything but a bad person. Thank you, papa.

This is all I have to say to you all and please talk to your loved one. Don’t act crazy. Go run and hug them. I know you are also a son, a lover and a father. We need real “men” in our lives. We need you to support us and we are nothing without you because we complete each other so what’s the whole point of letting our ego win. We are made of love and nothing else can give us the power.

Fall in love with the right person and let the universe surprise you. I am waiting for my crazy one and I hope this wait is worth it. Happy valentine’s day.

Thank you MEN!

This is what I wore on this valentine’s day, nothing fancy. Kept it simple and classy.

valentine's day

valentine's day

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  1. Piyush relhan says:

    Great feelings.
    I wish every single girl have the same stake as you have.
    Very difficult to find such a great philosopher.
    Don’t know how universally this writing come in front of me but it’s really good. Anyways best of luck for your life experiences.


    1. Thank you for the kind words.

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