Dear Diary!

What do I do!?

That’s my first diary style post. I want to share something really crucial like what is my profession. It’s been long since I’ve left my “oh-so-awesome’ job. Prior to that, I have worked for an e-commerce company called Stalk Buy Love. I was a fresher. I completed my graduation in This job happened to me just after that. I use to write blog posts and was also handling the social media channels. The best part about that job was its working environment and my fellow employees.

I made such good friends. That first job is always special and close to your heart. I learnt a lot there and I am so thankful to the entire team of Stalk Buy Love. Just after two months when life was running smooth, my personal life got rough. Somebody who means everything to me got ill. I left my job and came back. Family means everything to me.

Few months later, things turned better and I decided to go back and start my life from the scratch. I got a job in a digital marketing company called Tera Reach! I was blessed to work with that company. The whole team was super talented and I didn’t know a thing about digital marketing because I was working there as a content writer.

boss bestMy super cool boss Praneesh¬†kept pushing me to work harder. I could see the growth personally. Just when I started getting a hold on my work, the mishappening¬†occurred. I lost my family dad’s elder brother. I lost the grip and was completely shattered. I had no clue at that time what was happening with me. I came back and months passed like that.

It started bothering me a lot. I know things were going rough but I am not doing any good to myself. I love to pen down my thoughts. I love dressing up and creating a style statement. I decided to bring these two passions together. I decided to create my own website and slowly I will take things further.

So here I am with my baby (blog) talking about my life, my interests and inspiring people to stay happy always.

I really hope you will join me in this journey of love, peace and happiness!

I <3 you all!