Dear life, please get better.

Dear diary.

This week is about to end. Being a fashion blogger, you have to always look happy and close to perfect. Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to pose a smiling face and always pretend that life is so colorful and more than perfect.

Now I think of all this in a positive way. Even if I am sad about something, I don’t tend to show my emotions and eventually I think less. We all are on the same page somewhere. I have learned to hide my emotions and wait for the good times.

Talking about this week…

I have just started blogging and it takes time to give a perfect article which I myself enjoy reading it. I promised myself to stay honest with my writing and thoughts. Life is unpredictable. Something happened because of that I’ve started feeling less confident with people around. I can not put faith now. It’s very difficult for me to forget things. I am tired of things. I gave it all but every time why do I have to prove myself.

Our sole purpose is to be happy and I am not happy. I will stay in my shell and not feel vulnerable. I do not have to make my dreams come true. I am actually living my dream of writing 🙂 and I feel blessed and grateful for the things that are happening to me.

I hope everything falls back in place again. I want to become a better person in life. There is a very strong feeling that if I leave things on God, my life is going to be better. If I am wrong somewhere, I will get to know.



  1. shifa says:

    You are doing good and you dont have to think too much about things! they happen for a reason and remember if not today it will make sense! be passionate and just live up to it!! stay blessed baby!!

  2. True that. Thank you Shifa Kakkar 🙂

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