What should I do with my life ( New found life )

What should I do with my life, my life sucks, I am not so blessed and why I don’t feel the zeal etc. Are you going through this feeling right now? Well most of us do. When you feel disconnected in life, you should know this that your body and soul is asking you to rest and stop the overthinking right away.


Last two months have really been crucial for me. It was really hard to take it but it shaped me in a way that it was nothing like before. Life will never be the same for you. The power of you “who you really are” will be shown to you in this life itself. No matter what life is throwing at you, no matter how hard it is going to be for you, you will be okay! You will grow through it and not just go through it.

 What should I do with my life
What should I do with my life

I was given a lot of opportunities this year but when God has a plan for you, there is nothing you can do about it. I was fighting a battle that was making me really tough inside. Little did I know that. Think about the hardest situations in your life, what did you learn from that? Was it tough when it was actually happening to you? Did you overcome it? How did you feel later? I am so sure that it is always tough when life hits you hard but I also promise you that when the tough phase passes away, it leaves you with so much of power and greatness. There is a moment of proud. If this could not break you, what else could do?

I meet so many people and most of them ask me why are you not doing what you were supposed to be doing?

Why aren’t you making the best use of the opportunity? They basically question you that why are you so dull and dead? Trust me, you will see yourself alone mostly in life. Your frequency won’t match with the people who are really high in life and at times you yourself don’t feel like burdening your loved ones with the pain and heaviness.

There are lessons in life that are far more important than this, that and that. If God chose you and makes you learn it right now, your life will be free of burden in the coming years. If you are growing and are way too mature than your age, it’s a good sign because ultimately this is the truth of human life. We all shall learn. Early or late, we all have our timing!

What should I do with my life?

what should i do with my life
what should i do with my life

I am not a philosopher but I have liberation. I share all the good things in life because it makes my soul happy and I know that at times, you know it all but still need to hear the things and you need the healing. If you know me in person, you would know this that I love to talk about life, I am always excited about life and I don’t try hard to hide my emotions. I feel everything and that’s the beauty of our life.

These are the learnings of my life. Life will come at you and there will be a need for strong emotions.



  • Understanding is more important than knowledge: Something you can’t acquire, something that makes you “you.” You can not run after passion all the time. Can you? Sometimes life will slow you down and there will be the need to learn the biggest lessons of life which is indeed the most important understanding that one can acquire in life.


  • Never forget how far you have come: Is it the first battle you are facing in life? Not really. You have made this far in life only to lose? Every challenge has shaped you and life is not just about happy experiences but also about the rich experiences in life. You are a fighter and right now, you might feel that life is knocking you down but it’s just that situation is taking a toll on you and your brain is focussing on your current feeling. Never forget and keep reminding yourself that you are stronger than this and this too shall beautifully pass.


  • Count on the people you really love: We all have such friends in life on whom we can count in our tough times. Friendship is not just for good seasons. The essence of true friendship deepens when you share everything without feeling the burden. I have very few people in my life but they are headstrong. They make me feel safe and protected like the feeling of having someone in your life who will stand by you always, it’s great. Even one person can do all the magic. Don’t burden your soul. Share your feelings with the person you confide in.


  • Don’t dwell into the problem: You might have come out of the situation but it’s difficult to believe that and you are in constant fear that it might happen to you again. Well if something has to happen, nothing can stop it then why waste all our energy into that. To dwell into pain is a cruel act. Stop being that harsh on yourself. Learn to stay positive and trust me it does not come easy. It takes constant practice every day. People who say that they remain positive always, I doubt that. It’s not possible and it does not happen naturally. It’s a decision that you need to take for yourself. Who likes to be negative anyway?


  • Feel the ease of life and learn to enjoy little things: Be like a child. The innocence, the excitement, real emotions, no fake face, you got to be like a child. There are breakers in life but it’s a smooth ride mostly. Feel the ease of life. Feel the beauty. Wake up early on some days and feel nature. Listen to the birds chirping. Feed the street dogs, give your old clothes to the needy people. These acts of kindness bring energy and powerful vibrations. When you do good for others, there is a deep satisfaction. Shift your focus from “you” and think about how you can make others happy, how you can light the life of others through small acts of kindness.


  • Slow down: We become hyperactive and start thinking about everything at the same time, it will give you unnecessary stress. When your brain runs super fast, you need to slow down and shift your focus. When I stress a lot which I don’t do intentionally but it just happens because of the ongoing situation, I eat my favorite food, I watch a good series. You should do whatever you can to make yourself normal. Sleep for a long time. Our mind also demands rest. The world will be the same outside. You need time for healing. Give yourself that healing.


  • Know the bigger purpose: The world is extremely competitive. What bothers everyone the most is how much are you earning? It does frustrate me when people just greet you with their fake face on and all they care is about the money you make. Do not let this tribe hurt you. They have been growing like that but the world out there is amazing and there are people like you who are affectionate, caring and accept you for who you are. Your life has slowed down for a while and you will definitely be back when things get better. Surround yourself with goodness. Eliminate everything else. Life is too precious to give a thought to such people.


  • Self-talk: I talk to myself all the time. I give directions. I get angry. I feel proud. We give all sort of advice to others but we forget to pamper ourselves. Keep talking to yourself. Keep telling yourself that you are beyond the rights and wrongs of this world and there is something incredibly beautiful about you. This world needs you and your wisdom. Let’s act beautifully, let’s give our best shot to this life. Be your biggest supporter and cheerleader.


  • Being free: Our mothers have taught us to always sacrifice. I get it, you do this to save a relationship, they did it to save the family. Sacrifice up to an extent is good but when it comes at the cost of your health, ah ah you gotta stop and think where it is going. We all were born free and we can only live a true life when we are free. Free in terms of thinking, thoughts and everything else. Never keep things in your heart. Maybe your mother is strong enough to hold things in her heart, maybe you are not that strong mentally. Who decides that? Your body is unique and you must do anything and everything to protect it. Do what it takes to be free. Be good to people, be kind but at the end do what is best for you and your health.


  • Energy: This world works on the system of energy. Start being happy and start making others happy, it will become your original energy. You need your soul to kick in when your body gives up. Your soul, your true nature, your true purpose. Never forget that. It makes all the difference. Don’t hide behind that. Explore your true self. Bring out the right energy. Don’t run after people. Don’t chase the money. Do what you love. Do it with a lot of passion. Give all your heart.


  • Good is the enemy of great: Whatever you do in life. Give your 200%. Don’t do it with a half heart. When you are going for a movie, think about enjoying your most. When you are handling a project, be present at the moment. Complete the tasks. Be a warrior, not a worrier. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it, do it wholeheartedly. Don’t settle for less. Keep polishing your skills. Keep upgrading yourself with the skills. Aspire to win the biggest challenges and keep working smart.


  • Take a firm decision right now: Your current conditions were determined by your past decisions and your future conditions will be determined by your present decisions. If you want your condition to get better, make a decision right now. When you say your life sucks, I shall be honest. This is because you let it suck you. There is nobody to blame. Take a charge for your life and do something about it.


  • Turn your wounds into wisdom: I go through intense pain and emotions when I see my mother in clinical depression. It takes a toll on your emotional health. I let loose myself. When all my friends are worried about making money, getting a high paid job, I struggle to keep my family happy and normal. I struggle to wake up every day and keep the faith that one day she will be all right. I know how much it hurts. I feel that. I always think that the script of our lives has already been written, God has taken care of you till now and keep the faith that he will do so now and forever. We have our own share of pain and happiness that we have to go through. Why not cherish every emotion in life? Why not accept every kind of situation and grow through it?  Your future self with thank you.

What should I do with my life: Everything 

This is how I bounce back, this is how I fight. Life is an experience. Good or bad, everything is going to come your way. Gratitude is the most powerful thing. Thank you God for being there when I was losing myself, thank you for making me a sensible person, thank you for protecting my soul and giving me the challenges to make me realize the power of “you.”

If you want to ask anything, please do ask. I love meaningful conversations. 🙂

Love and power to you..

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