What to wear to work to look your best everyday

Hello girls! As promised, I would deliver a new content everyday this week because I have taken a week off from work and I just wanted to work on creating a more helpful and interesting content. Most of my readers are working so I thought why not to write a post on the work wardrobe essentials. You spend most of your time at the office and it’s so important to feel confident and fresh everyday. In this post I’ll be talking about the wardrobe essentials and what to wear to work. I will also be discussing about the do’s and don’ts of work wear and what to avoid. Let’s get started.

What to wear to work to look your best everyday!

Modern office environment is super cool and now we have a lot of freedom when it comes to the office outfits. There are several factors that can help you to decide the kind of outfits you should wear like your line of work, your age, the place where you live etc. For example I belong to a fashion industry. I have worked as a blogger, a stylist and as a PR too. I need to show case my creativity and I can’t dress boring. My field demands a lot more than that. It’s quite fun actually. You learn something everyday. On the other hand if you are a doctor, teacher, CA etc, you should dress a bit more sophisticated. You can’t dress loud so it depends on your profession.

What helped me the most was that on the first working day at my office, I noticed people like what are they wearing and is their any dress code they follow. I dressed safe on my first day and when I was confirmed that the environment is pretty much chill and I can truly show my creative side, I started wearing interesting clothes. You need to look out for yourself what works the best for you. I am here to lend some help so that you can decide the best as to what to wear to work.. These are the classic pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Have a look.

  • Classic black dress: This is a must have in your wardrobe. The best about this outfit is that you can wear it from day to night. Nothing is more versatile than a classic little black dress. You can wear a monochrome look (black and white) or if you are working in a more fun environment, you can make it look edgy by pairing it with a scarf or belt. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress. Build a wardrobe that is timeless and you need to have this in your wardrobe. Want to know how to accessorize a little black dress like a pro? Click here!
  • A structured tote bag: What I love the best about tote bags is how spacious they are. If you are a working woman, you need to carry your laptop, documents, wallet, lunchbox etc and it requires huge space. This tote bag looks super stylish and spacious. These bags come in different shapes and colors. You can try the studded one if you want edgy bags or if you work in a more serious environment, try the plain elegant bags instead.
  • Black flats and loafers: They look simple and chic and can go with almost any outfit. You can try the ones with gold embellishments. These look very professional and are super comfortable so if you are someone who need to walk whole day to meet the clients and do similar kind of job then these are must haves for you.
  • A classic watch: I am not a fan of accessories but I love to wear a classic watch and a minimal jewelry. It looks stunning and elegant at the same time. If you are working in a more professional environment, you should avoid wearing lots of accessories. You can rather opt for a classic designer watch that itself works as a statement jewelry.
  • Black and nude pumps: Pumps are so gorgeous and feminine. All women should have these classic black and nude pumps. These look quite edgy and yet so simple. The beauty of these pumps can take your office wear to a whole new level. Make sure you don’t buy the heels that are more than 4 inches. It can make you look really uncomfortable. You should look confident and beautiful. 
  • Button down shirt: Button down shirts are quite versatile. You can pair it with the wide leg trousers or pencil skirts. Just tuck them well inside your trousers and it can immediately make you look like a boss babe. Buy some classic shirts and these are sure to stay in your wardrobe for a very long period of time.
  • Tailored blazers: Tailored blazers look so chic and professional. Every woman must have a chic and classic black tailored blazer that goes well with all the outfits. Focus on the fit and invest in a nicely fitted blazer. It is an investment worth making.
  • Fitted pencil skirt: I love wearing pencil skirts because of their versatility. I have five pencil skirts of different lengths and colors. They look gorgeous. I pair them to the office, with my crop tops, button down shirts and the options are endless. These look quite chic and elegant.
  • Wide leg and relaxed trousers: These are my current obsession and I hated them for quite long unless I knew the right way to style them. Now it look so chic and cool and I get lots of compliments. That’s the beauty of personal style. You practice and then become a pro. You should invest in these wide leg trousers because they are comfortable and versatile. You can pair them with the shirts, tops, kurtas etc.
  • Quality denims: You need to invest in a good quality pair of jeans. You can’t wear those ripped jeans and dress all funky and go to the office. Distressed jeans are pretty cool but they are just not appropriate for the office.

These were the outfit ideas about what to wear to work. Let’s talk about do’s and don’ts of office wear.




  • Don’t go too casual: As I have already mentioned this before, don’t wear torn up jeans at your office. It looks very unprofessional. Office is not an appropriate place for it.
  • Don’t under dress: As a woman you know how much is good to reveal. I don’t like to judge anybody on that but I can just bring my view on the table. Don’t show too much. It doesn’t look sophisticated. Don’t wear dresses that scream loud for cheap attention rather wear dresses that look sexy and decent at the same time. You can keep them for the night clubs but when you are at your office, you should dress appropriately.
  • Fit is everything: Always remember that fit is everything. Whether you are buying a tailored fit blazer, a pencil skirt or relaxed trousers, you should always wear nicely fitted ones that accentuate your body figure. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Measure your size and wear the right fittings.




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  • Don’t wear too many accessories: Nothing is more irritating than a woman who is creating a noise in the environment. You should never wear those bangles or accessories that keeps on making noise as you move. It creates distraction and you should avoid wearing loud accessories. Wear delicate pieces that look elegant and creates no kind of noise.
  • Avoid flip flops: Remember this is your work place and you just can’t wear anything. It’s not your home so you need to be little professional. Imagine you are wearing flip flops at your office and suddenly you get a call from your boss and you need to join him in the meeting. Play safe and don’t look funny.
  • Do dress up: I am not asking you to be boring and stick to just the basics. You can of course try dresses with prints and can go for a little more edge. Go by instincts, it works sometimes.
  • Avoid bold makeup: You should avoid bold makeup as it can distract the person you will have a conversation with and can leave not so good impression on that person. Opt for a subtle and chic makeup look. Follow a good skin care routine and drink lots of water.

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  • Relax: You need to relax and chill and if you are someone who gets panic at little things,you need to take a chill and don’t think too much about your clothes. You are going to your office where your work defines you so have fun and take care of these little things and I am sure every day is going to be a happy day.

I hope I am able to help you and now you know exactly what to wear to work and how to look your best everyday. Work hard and look good everyday. It can immediately cheer you up and make you look positive and beautiful. You need to be careful with only few things. There are no rigid rules as to what to wear to work but these tips are quite helpful and will save a lot of time and you can focus on other important tasks.

Be a boss babe, look your best today!


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