How to build a winter capsule wardrobe

Hey! Some of you are still clueless of what I am talking about. I was in the same dilemma too. Last year I watched a video where they were talking about the term ” winter capsule wardrobe”. Everything was explained beautifully. I can’t explain this term accurately but I’ll still try my best to put in the simple words. Capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that has fewer clothes but you can create multiple outfits with them. Generous yet minimal is the approach. It did make sense. We all have a desire to look our best every time but what is lacking? Time! Yes, it’s a very time consuming process. That”nothing to wear” situation is super irritating. I used to love my job as a fashion stylist because you learn to play with the garments you already have. They don’t give you options. I learnt how to create the maximum with the minimum I have.

This post will help you to take quick and smart decisions. It’s a mind game. Your mind is fooling around with you. You have everything in your wardrobe, all you need is some creativity. Just a slight change here and there can completely solve all the problems and will save your time. You can spend this time on the other valuable things. Let’s talk about how to build a winter capsule wardrobe.

10 most important tips to build a perfect winter capsule wardrobe:

  • Get rid of all the unwanted clothes: This is the most important tip ever. You are building a core wardrobe that contains limited amount of clothes. You just can’t get emotional here. Throw those clothes which you haven’t worn since a very long time. You might have memories attached to those clothes but guys let’s get practical. You don’t wear them anyway and it keeps piling on. If you just can’t get rid of them then please keep them separately. There is no space for “ifs” and “buts.” You can donate those clothes or put them on the websites where you can sell them. You need only those clothes which you love completely. There should be no confusion.
  • Personal Style: We all have an individual personality and style. You can be either a tomboy or a feminine lady. Some like classy clothes while others go for casual and comfort. We all have a different taste. Decide now what makes you stand out. What is your own personal style that you want to flaunt and that describes your personality. For example when I am out for shopping , I like to dress up classy but when I hangout with my friends, I prefer casual style. If you go out more often then you definitely need more elegant clothes but if you stay home and just go out on weekends, you need more casual clothes. Always go for a style that makes you look classy and defines your personality.
  • Quality is everything: How many of you are a fan of thrift shopping? I definitely am but I do that when I face a cash crunch. There are days when you get the best ever deals usually on the days when they get the fresh stock. There are days when it just leaves you disappointed like anything. You spend your whole day and energy and you get nothing. Even when you get the most trendy ones but once you wash these clothes, the real quality shows up. It looks cheap then. What’s the point? Since it’s winters, I highly recommend you all to buy the quality pieces. Buy less and the best quality. Invest in timeless pieces like a trench coat and good quality leather jacket etc. It does last for years. When you wear a good quality, you not only look more confident but it also gives you the comfort. Spending on good quality clothes is an investment.
  • Profession: Building a “capsule wardrobe” also depends on your profession. If you are a working woman, spend more on formals and less on casuals, if you are working from home then you look for comfy clothes and if you are a college going girl then you should look for more playful outfits and experiment with your clothes more often. You should build your wardrobe around that purpose.
  • Focus on basics: You don’t need everything. Yes! You should focus more on the basics that can be worn and mix-matched with the other wardrobe pieces as well. Let’s suppose you bought a great quality black trousers.It is such a versatile piece of clothing, ain’t it? You can wear it with a crop top, t-shirts, kurtis and what not! Take another example, let’s take a grey sweater. You bought a grey cardigan. You can wear it with a leather skirt, black jeans, a-line skirts, leather pants etc. Buy more neutral pieces so that you can create many outfits with them without having to buy more clothes. It really does make a difference.
  • Spend more on timeless pieces:Timeless pieces are worth spending for. You should definitely spend money in these pieces because they last for a really long time. They look expensive and elegant. Do not invest in cheap items like belts, footwear or jewelry because they look poor quality and this is completely against what our purpose is. Buy a statement jewelry, statement earrings etc to give an edge to the outfit. Accessory does make a difference because it can brighten up any dull outfit. Invest in good accessories like a classy handbag, statement necklace, elegant watch etc.
  • Footwear: I love love shoes, who doesn’t? It is such an important part of your personality and can completely transform your look. Every woman crave for the sexy pair of shoes. You must have few pair of shoes that are classy and comfortable. Since we are talking about winter wardrobe, you can add oxfords, platform shoes, black pump, ankle boots etc. You always need these shoes.  If you are a working woman, focus more on the flats and if you stay at home or you are a college going girl, you can invest in the shoes, pumps etc according to your need.
  • You don’t have to buy new items: I have been trapped in the wrong approach of building a capsule wardrobe. Some people from this industry tell you to buy new items. No, that’s not true. You don’t have to buy new items. You have to create something with what you already have. Our wardrobe will never be sufficient enough. We always need something. It is a whole new chapter. You don’t have to go there. You just need to remove the clutter and organize the wardrobe in such a way that it saves your time and you get maximum out of it within that limited budget.
  • Less is more: I know what must be running in your minds but I am not asking you to not experiment with the trends and go boring and safe. I just want to talk about our mindset. We always want something, we always crave for more. “Less is more.” This approach is right in every aspect of our lives be it fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc. Capsule wardrobe is all about minimalism. You are getting rid of a lot of stuff and building a wardrobe of 33 items is not that easy. There is no rule in the fashion. You just get ideas and then at the end, it’s you only who have to come up with your own creativity. Stick to minimal pieces and I am sure you will be able to build a perfect “winter capsule wardrobe” this season.
  • Most essential wardrobe pieces to create a winter capsule wardrobe:

Have a look:


Two great pair of jeans.

Click on the images to buy the product.womenjeansslimfit



  • Cashmere sweater.pinksweater
  • Trench coat/duster coat.womendustercoat
  • Biker jacket.alia
    Get the look 



source: Instagram.


I have come up with my own list of a winter capsule wardrobe. You can take a hint and create your very own core wardrobe.

These were the 10 most important tips to build a winter capsule wardrobe.

You know what works best for you and nobody else. This is how I clean up my act and I hope it helps you too.

I’ll be back later in the week. Chime in the comments. 🙂

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