Best winter fashion haul 2016 and 2017. Hot buys!

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My favorite season is arriving soon. Hot coffee, cozy bed, super cute warm clothes and what not. In this post, I’ll be talking about the best winter fashion haul for 2016 and 2017 . It’s really sad that majority hates this season just for the fact that there is so much silence and you feel lazy to dress up and there are limited options where as I feel that this is the best time to show your style. What’s the best you can come up with the limited options available to you, that’s the fun! Let’s quickly go through these hottest trends.

Best winter fashion haul for 2016 and 2017:

  • TRENCH COATS AND DUSTERS: It’s all about layering when the weather gets cold. What are trench coats  and how they got their name? What’s the history behind it?  Trench Coats were used by the military people in the 1940-1950s, as they used to be in the trenches during wars. A special multi-functional all weather garment was designed for them by Thomas Burberry which was named as Trench Coat. The classic trench coat is the ideal staple in the winters and this is literally an iconic piece. Trench coat is the center piece of your outfit so make sure everything else is falling back. Wear minimal accessories because you want to keep everything subtle.

Things to keep in mind while buying a trench coat:



  • Denim trench:Buy a denim trench coat this winter. Denim trench coats are the talk of the town.
  • Basic colors: You need to find a perfect color block. Go for the basic colors like black,beige,brown,red,green, pink.
  • Accessories :You can oomph your look by wearing accessories like scarves, handbags, a classic watch.
  • Fit is everything: Look for a great fit coat that suits your body frame.
  • Turtle neck dresses and sweaters would look absolutely stunning with these coats.
  • Bold lips:Go for bold lips in winter if you are keeping all things minimal to give that extra oomph to your outfit.
  • Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans will give the whole outfit, a classy touch.
  • Pencil skirt: You can also wear a medium length pencil skirt. Make sure it’s not very short and not very long.
  • Sneakers: Avoid sneakers if you are opting for an ankle length coat otherwise they go pretty well with everything.

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  • TURTLE NECKS: Turtle necks are from 90’s fashion and they look classy and ladylike.They create a perfect style statement.The best part about them is that they accentuate your jawline. You can layer the turtle neck with so many things to create your own style statement. It is a versatile staple and is extremely comfy. It’s a convenient sweater type that keeps your neck warm and takes away the hassle of wasting time on wrapping a scarf around the neck.

Things you need to keep in mind while buying a turtle neck sweater:


  • Fit: Go for fitted turtle necks, it looks very sexy.
  • Jeans: Pair them with skinny jeans, it gives you a clean and polished look altogether.
  • Boots: Although I am not a fan of leggings but in this case, leggings and over the knee boots look really classy.
  • Skirts: You can wear A-line skirts and black pencil skirts.
  • Statement jewelry: Go for a statement necklace. A statement jewelry or a statement necklace.
  • Trousers: Go for slim fit trousers. Perfect for an office wear.
  • Casual look: Wear a turtle neck with boyfriend jeans and a statement blazer.
  • Handbag: You can go for chain sling bags, it gives a very pretty and feminine look
  • Accessory: Turtle necks can be tricky when it comes to accessory as the neck leaves no space for any kind of accessory. Opt for a statement earrings.
  • Vibrant colors: If you want to keep it simple and polished,opt for gold and chunky jewelry . Let’s suppose you are wearing a black turtle neck top, opt for a vibrant color neck piece which will instantly glam up your look.
  • Nude pumps: Buy a pair of nude pumps and ankle boots.

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  • CHOKERS: Chokers are from 90’s fashion and I just love the way it brings attention to your collar bones. Tie up chokers are trending these days. It’s a beautiful style of necklace to accentuate the neck. There is a debate going on social media that girls who wear chokers are lesbians etc. and this is completely bullshit. It’s just a beautiful trend that has received lots of love and appreciation. All we know is that it looks absolutely gorgeous and elegant.Things to keep in mind while buying a choker:
  • You can opt for leather, lace, meta, ribbon chokers.
  • They are super versatile and can go with almost everything like t-shirts and dresses.
  • It brings the romantic vibe.
  • Strapless dresses: Pair them tube tops and strapless dress.





  • HANDBAGS: I don’t own many accessories. I love watches and handbags. These two are enough for casual days to create a unique style statement. they really define an important part of your personality. I am fond of classics and l like the way they make you feel. Handbag is an important accessory. One must own an elegant multipurpose handbag. The detailing and designing of a handbag is beauty and you should always own one that defines your style statement.You can be really creative with handbags.

Things to keep in mind while buying a handbag:

  • Design and material: You need to focus on the design,cut, lines,quality of material,texture etc while buying it.
  • Cheap material: Avoid synthetic material. It looks cheap.
  • Zips: Zips should be solid and should not look cheap at all.
  • Comfortable straps: Look for comfortable straps , it should not keep falling down and make you look uncomfortable.
  • Spacious: It should be spacious as well.
  • Righ size. Choose a handbag that suits your body frame. If your height is small, do not opt for an oversize handbag.Tall women should not carry a small handbag.
  • Utility: Look for the pockets. If you want to keep your essentials, make sure the bag has important pockets.

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  • BOMBER JACKETS: For a put together look wear them with a basic tee and skinny jeans. These are not only stylish but also very comfy. I am obsessed with khaki color bomber jackets. How classy and casual they look.

Things to keep in mind while buying a bomber jacket:

  • Patches:Opt for bomber jackets with patches and prints for a more unique look.
  • White sneakers: Buy white sneakers, they look super cute when paired with bomber jackets.
  • High waist denims: You can pair them with a crop top and high waist denims.
  • Striped-t shirt: These jackets look extremely cute with striped t-shirts
  • LBD: You can also wear them with your little black dress.
  • Avoid shiny fabric: Look for cotton and wool.

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    You need to have this in your wardrobe in the winters if you want to accentuate your beautiful shoulders. I am not a big fan of showing off my skin but cold shoulders look quite sexy and is not over the top.
    It’s also the best option for people who thought that off the shoulder was a bit too much for them.
    You can also wear them in the winter season when its just too cold to even think of going out with bare legs in the parties. Cold shoulder sweaters are going to rock this winter.

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  • COLORFUL SCARVES: Last winter I bought two really cute bright colored scarves.My wardrobe is filled with neutrals so to make any boring outfit pop out you need these colorful scarves that not only look stylish but will also keep you warm. It can create a very pretty style statement which is effortless. Go for a good quality fabric. They really last for a long time.
  • CAMEL COATS : Camel coats look gorgeous with turtle neck sweaters. This is such a basic and royal color. You can pair this coat with the summer dresses in winter and they are extremely warm.


  • THICK SKINNY JEANS: Look for a denim that is thicker in material because it looks more put together if you are going to wear mom jeans or whatever, and you will also be wearing a sweater and layers, it will look more bunchy.

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  • PONCHOredponcho

These are the hot buys of winter fashion haul for 2016 and 2017.

I stick to the neutrals in this season but I also add at least 2-3 new trendy pieces every year when winters approach to play with different looks. You need to really focus on the material to keep you warm and comfy in this season. Do not buy the outfits that look just sexy and not comfy because you will definitely not wear them again instead focus on the quality.

I hope this info was useful and if you want me to keep entertaining you with these posts, please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog. It really helps.

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