Words of encouragement.

Hey hey people! Can you sense my happiness. Mom is finally back home and I am so so so happy. Seven days back I took her to Sai temple and we sat there for about half and hour. I asked God to bless her and take all the pain away because I have always been honest with him and you can’t question the power of lord. It’s been 7 days and I have seen the most difficult time emotionally. My beliefs have changed completely. I thought that if I am  going to deal alone with all this, it’s going to be painful and sharing your pain with people you love can be immensely helpful.

Sharing your grief with others does help but at the end you gotta be alone and face yourself. I am so grateful to God for letting me go through this experience all alone. I didn’t call any body. I realized this big time that nothing can shake me now because God is going to take the best care of me. I did not focus on the sufferings, I focused on how to make it better for my mother every day and here she is sitting next to me, watching tv and eating the cake I made for her home coming. Is it natural to feel so connected to your parents that when they are happy in life, you feel like nothing can stop you now and you are all set to live again happily.

I don’t know what you are going through in your life but never ever question your worth and talk to God and thank him every day and show gratitude. I feel so strong today, to be able to handle the situation gracefully and not just sitting there and crying all day. This was a miracle, my mother recovered so fast. I have no words. We couldn’t believe and me and dad have become the bestest friends again. Woohoooo 🙂 Dad is super man like I don’t know how this man is always positive and strong. He is the BOSS, my idol!

Home feels heaven again. It rained today and everything feels beautiful in life. The blessings of your parents will save you from the negative energy so do as much as you can do for them.

From tomorrow, I will start working again. I am so back and so happy. Today our closed ones came and we celebrated together. There were spiritual talks, good food and positive energy in the house. Thankyou Baba ji.

I will bring the content next week. You can always tell me in the comments section, what are you looking for and if you want me to write on a particular subject. I have removed my last diary post because whenever I open that, I sense some pain and I don’t know I wasn’t sure to keep it and I always believe in moving on. I am in a happy state and I want to spread the happy vibes so let’s move forward with a good spirit and heart.

So I am taking mom out for a long walk..

Until then, see you next time. 🙂

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